Monday, November 26, 2012

Out Scounting for locations and hot boys!

The cute and sexy Foster came by and wanted to take Zack and I on an scouting expedition!   This trip got JS Wild's mind going crazy just thinking of all the "Hot" locations in AZ to film outside!   Just maybe we might get crazy and do a series of outdoor fucking and sucking fun! Hummm you like that? 

Ok Ready Now


I See You!

Look over there!

Can we film here??

Can you see it?

From the Front ... mmmm

.... and Behind!  Sexy!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jizzy is a flirt even with the animals!

Here you go sweety!

 Another great day here in Phoenix with mid 70's nice and sunny, Jizzy was chilling here at ZR Headquarters and wanted to go ham it up with the animals at the zoo!  All the animals loved Jizzy, look at that baby girl giraffe's eyes.  The best part of the visit was the female monkey.  She was off doing her thing and as soon as Jizzy walked up she came as fast as she could to sit and take about 10 pics all showing off for the stud himself!

So before leaving we came upon a set of monkey bars, yep you guessed it Jizzy just had to show off for any one looking!  Any time a stud like him wants attention me JS Wild will be more than happy to pour out the attention and more!   Ok I just wanted to give the fans just a small part the the day of Jizzy McBone!

JS Wild

Was That Good?

My Turn!

Look how she fell in love with Jizzy!

Make a pose

Yep a show off any chance he gets!  I just love it!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Todays Hot Photo Shoot! ~ JS Wild up to no good! LOL

Mirror Jacking!
Here was the list for today!

Pick up Jizzy McBone from airport!

Wanted to post a new page of another sexy boy that wants to work for us here at ZR Productions,  or as I like to call it ZR Headquarters!  LOL  FYI Still waiting on material from new model to be.......

So I got board and looked on CL and what do you know someone was wanting some sexy pics taken!  Fuck this is what I mean I fucking love my job! see what I get to do and have fun with!  This dude told me no cum and I got him all worked up so he wanted to reward me!  Damn a start to a great day!  Still waiting on new model pics and vids to post!!!

ps ~ he a sexy hot twink This is a surprise for Zack Randall!

JS Wild

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jizzy McBone Jacks for JS Wild before going to FUCK in Tucson!

It's a beauty!
Well Mc Bone stopped by ZR headquarters and had to bust one out for JS Wild before traveling to Tucson for sum wild times! Jizzy's words "Damn I love being jacked off......  it's all fun and NO WORK!  Now make sure you don't get it too wet.   Wait that's great .... fuck that's  feeling great ....  keep going ...  where do you want it?  Yes, Now I can travel!"  JS responded, "Put it anywhere you want it..  with a big smile!"

Just want to share with all!  ;-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Public Pissing ~ Fan of Zack Randall wants to piss for you!

Self pissing in public!  How fucking hot is that?  Wish I could of walked up on him pissing,  I might of even joined!

The same fan of Zack Randall's  and will show off for you too!  Lets get him on the set and watch the piss flow and the cum shoot!   I feel there might be a hot boy that might need to be tamed with multi streams of warm wet piss and cum from Zack and some other models!

Zack and I both love the hot show off boys and men!  If you want to be listed on on blog and maybe be considered for the next newest porn model let us know!

Public Bathroom JackOff ~ Fan of Zack Randall shows off for us!

A fan sent this in and wants to do a video with Zack Randall and some of the other models!  The scene will be him getting pissed on and drinking from all that let go!  Sounds hot and sexy lets us know!  Zack Randall is all ready horned up and ready to let the piss flow like a fountain!

Now if any other fans would like to submit a video and be considered for the next new model let us know!  Zack and I both love the exhibitionist and show offs in the amateur world of hot men!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Zack Randall Store is open ~ Still working on some things!!! HEHE

The very first of it's kind!  It's taken some talking, but I have gotten Zack Randall and some of the models to let me offer to the fans some of the items used on the sets!  We might even encourage some of Zack sexy studs that hang out here at the home office, to offer items up too!  If you don't see something please request it!

He is one of the "Friends of Zacks"  that hang here at home base.  Want to see more of him??  Let me know!

Look around have fun!  Remember they are one of a kind items here!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

JS Wild doing what he does best!

Live at BS West in Phoenix, AZ!

Zack Randall and JS Wild chillin on first chilly night in Phoenix, AZ

Damn it was a chilly day and night so I wanted to build a fire only to find that Zack Randall and I are both pyromaniacs!  Fire is something I can stare at and get lost in feeling and dream!  Damn what a chill night soaking in the hot tub with a friend and great guy Zack Randall!  I only wish we had some company don't you Zack?!?  LOL  I know he does!  ~ chill all JS Wild!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Home footage of Zack Randall "Blow My Horn"

This is some real home footage if you watch carefully you will learn more about Zack Randall when not on film!

New vid of Zack Randall "Don Juan Cums Again"

After many requests, I've decided to let Don Juan back on film ;-)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Hot Ass of Zack Randall

Zack Randall  & I are hard at work making some BIG changes!  After being so aroused by all of these fucking hot pics I have been looking at and only picking the right ones.  I decide to make a page of sexy boy ass!  Damn this is a hard job!!!
                                    Hey I didn't want to take any fun away by telling you whose who! ~ JS Wild

Zack Hard At Work!!!!!!

Wish I was that Vibe!

I'll Let You Squeeze!

Now Can You See?

Vibrations Feel So Good!

Yep Swingers!

You Like?

Sweet Isn't It?

Damn!  ~ I know this one is a repeat but I just had too!  LOL

Touch Me!

Fuck Yea!

Open Wide!
Get Dick Ready!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Check out "Matias" ~ Hot Latin Twink w Big Balls! ~He is ready to take it off for you!!

First Day on the set!
Who Can Say NO NO NO?
In Your Dreams .....
You know you want me!
Check This Out!

Meet our sexy twink Latin boy "Matias" with the best hanging balls and tightest tummy that says it all.... I can't stop dreaming!  

Well this hot twink "Mateas"  is looking to fuck his little heart out on cam for you as well!  Zack Randall sure knows how to pick the boys!!!  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This was my very first time filming! ~ Jizzy McBone

Jizzy McBones very first time on camera.
This is the birthday gift I got in 2011, and what a gift I got!  Damn and look at him now even hotter and more ripped!  ~JS Wild

Jizzy McBone Hot or Not??? Vote NOW !!

 I am very proud of this hot young stud!  When Jizzy is in the house the party is started and the clothes cum off!  ~JS Wild

Jizzy McBone 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

More of the NSA Stud!

You like?
Here is just a little more to tease you with!

Want to see this hard?? Help me I do!!!!!

Cock and Balls are fucking hot as hell to me JS Wild!   Now we have Zack's and a buddies of ours here showing off for you to enjoy!  Now I just want to know if you like what you see and want to see them hard as rocks.  If I can get 100 views to want to see it hard I will get them hard for you too see!

Which one do you want more? 
Cum on help me get these hard as rocks!  

The Stud Jizzy McBone is available to work!! Interested??????

What is Donald seeing that I am not????
Now here is the real deal!  Our 19 bi muscle stud Jizzy McBone is open to work for your company!! 

Jizzy McBone muscles it up for the cam!

Imagine the power this stud uses to fuck!
Just plain and simple power!
Here at corporation headquarters.....  the models are non stop!  We never know who will be staying the night!  Damn Zack and I are so fucking blessed and happy when they do!  Jizzy McBone is one of the favorites can you blame us?