Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meet Damon Poker ~ Hot Irish man with a big uncut cock!

Look at this sexy hot Irish man,  and guess what, yep he's looking for more sexy boys to fuck!

The Stud himself:  Damon Poker
6'2 190 semi hairy with shaved pubes and a big beautiful 8" thick cock with just enough foreskin to have lots of fun!  I'm warning you now the Blue eyes with melt the strongest of men!

Lets watch the cum shoot buckets,
JS Wild

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Holidays ~ Zack Randall new photo shoot sneek peek!

And to all a "GOOD NIGHT" !  :-)


Just a PEEK at today's photo shoot for the Holidays!  We have some sexy gifts in store for you this Season to take your mind off of the complexity of life!

Want to cum with Zack Randall?   Well now you can!!  Zack will be live on the web cams!  If you would like to request a special Show and or have some special requests !  email us.

P.S.  If Zack Randall is on your Holiday List,  well, he has made a wish list of his favorite items!  ;-)  Some are sexy ones too!  Buy two of any one item and Zack will give you you the special opportunity to request customization for one of them! Now how special is that?  Zack's Wish List

Well I'm tired and still might have another shoot today!  But as always I love to spill the details as soon as I have them! 

Keep cumming! We sure will for you,
JS Wild

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Want to see all the Stars? Meet Ray Michael ~ A new Star is born

Sexy Hot Ray Michael ~ I want to see all the stars!!

Damn the boys don't stop wanting to join all the excitement starting here at ZR headquarters!  He will be a great addition to our site!

You will be able to watch him shoot his hot load live on webcams now!

I'm sure every show will be a blast!!!  LOL  Bet your wish is to be there to clean up the mess!  It's mine!

Show your love and encourage him all you can!  He's a sexy gift for the Holidays!  ps we can keep that on the DL!!  hee hee

More models signing up too!  I'll keep you all posted!

Enjoy! JS Wild

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It has recently been brought to my attention that many people are looking for my Xtube page! Yes, that is correct, I am an Xtube Amateur ;-) If you aren't sure about spending the monthly fee for my site, try purchasing a scene individually!

Thanks for looking!



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Searching for Cam Models!

Greetings fellow earthlings! Are you a sexual creature? Do you embrace orgasms without guilt? Is there a tiny exhibitionist inside you waiting to leap out and show off your inner sensuality? Do you like getting people off?

If you answered 
yes or no to any of those questions, please read on!

I'm looking for cam models to sign up with my studio! Lots of cool benefits, like me personally tweeting your shows, the opportunity to work with me and my models, and more!

Email for more information!



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jizzy's feelings of the he[art]!

It all began with a spark, a flame.
A feeling inside that subdued all the pain.
She made me forget all the bullshit and games.
With a glance from her blue eyes that looked like the sky
I just wanted to hold her hand, like that Sinatra song, let's fly.
But it didn't take long before I saw through her lies. To be honest, this betrayal was kind of a surprise. Like an uppercut, and now I'm falling through the sky. feeling my heart ache after each breath I take "am i gunna die am i gunna die?"(fuck that)
I'll cut my heart out from all the pain, toss it in a fire and watch the old feelings burn up in flames. Cross her off my checklist cause at the end they're all the same. Just another name, just another name...

Model Art

Jizzy McBone isn't just a hot stud with a big dick, washboard abs, and a movie star's smile, he's also an accomplished artist! Take a look at a sketch he did recently: